Advisor Letter 2021-22

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Welcome Advisors!

Thank you once again, for everything you do over the years to promote Swain Resort and help make our program so successful! You are an extremely important member of our family and we look forward to seeing you, your family, and your club on the slopes, once again this season. Below, we have outlined program guides, benefits, and responsibilities to help everything run smoothly. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any point.


Complimentary Family Season Pass: Starting with the 2021-22 season, all advisors with clubs of 20 or more get a complimentary family season pass.

Complimentary Locker: Starting with the 2021-22 season, all advisors who have 20 or more students on their roster will receive a free locker for the current season. Lockers are limited and will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, according to when your club information is received.

Scholarship Program: Swain will sponsor one student for one six-time lift, rental, and lesson package for EVERY SCHOOL. In addition, we will sponsor a second student for clubs of 45 students or more. This program has been a positive opportunity for students and advisors alike.

Bonus Coupons: Each advisor whose order is received or postmarked by November 15, 2021, will receive valuable coupons and vouchers to be used at Swain.


For clubs operating under regular capacity (not virtual) and in order to get your students on the mountain faster, we ask that you give a courtesy call to Guest Services at 607-545-6511 on your way to the slopes with the number of vouchers you will be turning in for lift tickets and the number of chaperone tickets you will need that day. We will have your lift tickets ready and waiting for you upon arrival. Please send one representative to the ticket window to exchange the vouchers for lift tickets.


Chaperones: At Swain, we understand that you need assistance with crowd management during your club visits. Lift tickets and rentals will be provided for an appropriate number of chaperones.

  • 1 chaperone per 6 elementary students
  • 1 chaperone per 10 MS students
  • 1 chaperone per 20 HS students

Please let us know prior to arrival how many chaperone passes you will need for that day.

Chaperone Single Season Pass: Swain is giving every school one (1) Single Season Pass to be given to your most valuable chaperone. Please mark down the name of this chaperone on the bottom of your summary form.


Bus Drivers have the option to receive a complimentary lift ticket and rental during each club visit. Please accompany your driver to guest services upon arrival to receive ticket/rentals. These are provided for the bus drivers only on the day/night of your scheduled visit and are not transferable or refundable.

Free Coffee: Swain offers bus drivers free coffee on the days they bring your club to Swain. Please let them know this is for regular and decaf only and cannot be used for hot chocolate or specialty coffee. Please show your school ID at the cafeteria to receive your free beverage.


Helmets: Please observe on the Student Order Form that student rentals DO include a helmet.

Pre-Season Measuring: For clubs with 20 or more equipment rentals, a Swain representative will be happy to come to your school and pre-measure club members for rentals. When you have an established list of club members, please be in touch to make an appointment for fittings. 

Pre-Setting Equipment: After you submit your student’s completed Rental Forms, the rental shop staff will organize and refer to each individual’s measurements to pre-set equipment and strives to have it ready for students upon arrival. This process will move your club through rentals and onto the slopes quickly!

Equipment Return: Please remind students to return rental equipment when finished.

Equipment Switching Policy: Our goal is to introduce club members to skiing and snowboarding, encourage each individual to grow in the sport, and ultimately turn them into lifelong skiers/boarders. To achieve this goal, we provide students with the opportunity to discover whether skiing or snowboarding suits them best. In order to do that, we allow student members to try both under the following conditions:

  • Equipment will be pre-set for what the student originally signed up for unless previously communicated otherwise.
  • The choice to switch between skis and/or snowboard must be made at the beginning of your school’s scheduled trip.
  • If a student wishes to switch, he/she must go to the back of your school’s line in the Rental Shop and wait until those members using the pre-set equipment have gone through.
  • Students WILL NOT be permitted to switch after leaving the Rental Shop.

Thank you for taking the time to communicate this policy to your students as we continue to strive to operate the Rental Shop as efficiently as possible.


Each coupon book includes a ski club lesson. Lessons are 90 minutes in length and MUST be taken with the club on the scheduled visit or during the scheduled times for virtual clubs. A student may not come for a lesson outside the scheduled school club times. Please communicate this to your students and parents.

Virtual School Club Lesson Line-Up:

Monday – Friday 5pm

Saturday – Sunday 10am

Lesson Line-Up:

Green Level Beginner Lessons: 5pm

Upon arrival, after lift tickets and rentals are received, please gather all of your green level beginner students between the Rental Shop and Quad 1 for their beginner lessons.

Blue Level Intermediate: 5pm

Black Level Advanced Lessons: 6pm – for scheduled clubs only (not virtual)

Please advise your intermediate and advanced level students to meet back between the Rental Shop and Quad 1 at 5pm and 6pm for their lessons. Intermediate lessons will be geared more toward taking winter sports to the next level. These students will be introduced to intro to racing courses, in depth terrain park clinics, how-to-ski moguls, as well as many other themes that will help broaden your club member’s passion for snow sports.


If cancellation is necessary, please call Guest Services as soon as possible at 607-545-6511.


Promoting ski club in your school is a must! The sooner the better, as orders are due November 15th. Ideas for promoting your clubs – :

  • Play the Swain VIDEOS throughout the school – contact us to get these files
  • Create a FACEBOOK page for your club as a place for parents to go for updates and info, post pics, and connect
  • Create STUDENT OFFICERS to help promote ski club throughout the school
  • Set up a PROMOTION table during the lunch period, gym classes, open house, etc
  • Hold an after school MEETING
  • Visit other classrooms – or ask other teachers to simply hand out FLIERS about ski club if social distancing is a concern
  • Create a DISPLAY CASE with pictures, skis, etc
  • Display the Swain ski club PROMO POSTER and TRAIL MAP throughout your school
  • Post club information on your SCHOOL WEBSITE and FACEBOOK page
  • Let the TEACHERS know that parent/adult rates apply to them as well!

Remember, we are here to assist you in any way possible. We would gladly stop by your school for assemblies or Open House to help increase awareness for your club. Simply call Suzanne Male to inquire about availability at 607.545.6511 x3006.


Now thu October

  • Club promotion
  • Communicate with students (and teachers!) about the club, copy and distribute any necessary materials, give the website link
  • Plan transportation
  • Line up chaperones
  • Gather portrait pics of students buying season passes and email to [email protected]
  • Order sent by November 15th (remember that rates change after 11/15)
  • Send a personal letter to students and parents with your contact info, welcoming them to ski club!
  • Ensure all parents have access to
  • Remind parents to fill out ALL forms on the school clubs website:
    • Student Info Form
    • Medical Authorization Form
    • Helmet Policy
    • Rentals Form

Please fill out your Club Profile Form and then read and sign the Advisor Expectations & Contract.

Club Profile Form

Please list trip dates and times (PLEASE NOTIFY SWAIN IN THE EVENT OF A CANCELATION)
  • :
  • Advisor Information (One Advisor Family Per Form)

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Advisor Expectations & Contract – Please read & sign below.

As an advisor, you are the representative of your club. You are accepting the responsibility of communicating with your school, students, and teachers about the details of the club. Ski Club information should be made available to all students of your school. Announcements, meetings, letters, etc regarding the existence of the club and special announcements are solely our responsibility. Additionally, you are the guardian of the students of your club during visits and may be called upon in instances of injury and behavior problems. You agree to assist your students with lift tickets, equipment, and direction around the resort and in general, agree to be available for your students.

Advisor Contract

As an advisor of my school's ski club, I agree with the above expectations and I understand that I am a liaison between Swain and the students/members of my club. I agree to assist students while at Swain and will be available to them. I fully understand my responsibilities, and in return, know that I receive the appropriate benefits, (including, but not limited to a season pass) for the current season.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY






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