Trail Report


Swain Resort is closed for the season. Thank you for a great season, everyone. See you next season!

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   Beginner Trails

Trail Name StatusTimes AvailableCondition
 Magic MountainCLOSED Day & NightNA
Shadow MountainCLOSEDDay & NightNA
Round TopCLOSEDDay & NightNA
Lower RobinsonCLOSEDDay & NightNA
Lower BrewerCLOSEDDay & NightNA
Upper Mile SweepCLOSEDDay & NightNA
Lower Mile SweepCLOSEDDay & Night


Black ForestCLOSEDDay OnlyNA
PromenadeCLOSEDDay OnlyNA
Lower MaverickCLOSEDDay OnlyNA
IllusionCLOSEDDay OnlyNA

   Intermediate Trails

Trail Name StatusTimes AvailableCondition
ClarkCLOSED Day & NightNA
80 AcresCLOSEDDay & NightNA
TestamentCLOSEDDay OnlyNA
The PassCLOSEDDay OnlyNA
Fools GoldCLOSEDDay OnlyNA
Bandits PassCLOSEDDay OnlyNA
Lower TwisterCLOSEDDay OnlyNA
Upper MaverickCLOSEDDay OnlyNA
Dozey DoeCLOSEDDay OnlyNA
Ben BlakelyCLOSEDDay OnlyNA
Allegany GladesCLOSEDDay OnlyNA
Hidden ShadowsCLOSEDDay OnlyNA
Shakey’s TreesCLOSEDDay OnlyNA

   Advanced Trails

Trail Name StatusTimes AvailableCondition
 Wheel’s RunCLOSED Day & NightNA
Upper RobinsonCLOSEDDay & NightNA
Upper BrewerCLOSEDDay & Night


Glen’s RunCLOSEDDay & NightNA
PinesCLOSEDDay & NightNA
RattlerCLOSEDDay & NightNA
Old MainCLOSEDDay & NightNA
Robin’s WayCLOSEDDay OnlyNA
Dave’s RunCLOSEDDay OnlyNA
Last WillCLOSEDDay & NightNA
OutlawCLOSEDDay OnlyNA
*Please Note: The status of open/closed trails and conditions can change at any time due to weather conditions and changing surface temperatures. Changes to the natural snow-covered trails are especially variable and make not always be reflected here. Trails marked NC are covered with natural snow only – please use caution.
All open terrain may consist of variable conditions, thin cover and/or icy patches.
KEY:  PP=Packed Powder, WP = Wet Powder, CS = Corn Snow, LG = Loose Granular, FG = Frozen Granular, WG = Wet Granular, HP = Hard Packed, IP = Icy Patches, SC = Spring Conditions, V = Variable, TC = Thin Cover, BS = Bare Spots