Snowmellow Alpine at Swain

Swain is pleased to introduce the all new Snowmellow race clinics for the 2023-24 season.
The focus of all single- and two-days camps is to focus on skiing.  This is not exclusively about racing, although 2nd year U14s, and U16s will discuss race tactics (night before a race, day of race, pre-race routines, visualization, post race processing), the goals of every camp is to improve our skiing at speed, and this will happen with off hill training and on hill training.  .  After all, who doesn’t like to go fast, and every age group will be pushed to their limits in an environment that celebrates the learning process.
Dates: TBA
Time: TBA
Cost: TBA 
ENTER “SMPASS23” AT CHECKOUT. You will be asked to provide proof of season pass at registration.

Snowmellow Race Clinic

  • 1:3 Coach to athlete goal discussion
  • Off-Ski Warm-Up
  • Gear check (edges, bindings, boots, etc.)
  • Videoed Technical / Structured Free Ski with SMA coaches
  • Starts environment (timed and videoed)
  • Video Analysis Breaks
  • Multiple Short Radius Environment Training (videoed)
  • Multiple Mid Radius Environment Training (videoed)
  • Speed Environment Training (Timed & Videoed)
  • Lunch & Video Analysis
  • Short radius dual dual race environment (timed and videoed)
  • Medium radius dual race environment (timed and videoed)
  • Video Analysis & Physical Regeneration
  • 1:1 SMA Coach to athlete feedback based on initial athlete goal

What to Bring: All Mountain, SL, GS, and SG (if you have them), protective gear (shin and arm guards, SL poles, face protection, etc.)
Water Bottle is Required
Lunch (or buy lunch)

Stubbies, Brushes, Gates
Moguls, Trees, and Jumps

NOTE: To maximize the time on the hill, we strongly discourage the use of smart phones, and social media while attending camps. There will be plenty of breaks where the athlete can be reached. Of course, smart devices are allowed on hill if they serve a medical purpose.

Snowmellow Racing

Snow Mellow is geared toward improving holistic racing skills and focuses on the whole athlete, not just improving speed. 
Practice Schedule:  
Ages: Youth Racers Ages 12-18
Snow Mellow Cost:  TBA
Includes:  This includes training/coaching.  Any other fees would be additional.  A season pass is recommended for this program.
For information on Snow Mellow, please contact Conor Walsh at 585-739-5363 or email [email protected].