Schedule of Events

March 6, 2021

9am – 10:30          Rail Jam Registration

11 – 12                    Rail Jam Practice (Old Main)

10 – 2pm                 FREE NASTAR, 60 Sec Race, Full Cup Race (Wheels)

10 – 2pm                 Live DJ

10 – 4pm                 Sale at THE SHOP at Swain

10 – 4pm                 FREE Live Demos

12pm                      Rail Jam

12 – 1pm                 Snowpainting & Frozen T-shirt Contest (Ski Patrol Building)

12 – 2                      Outdoor Grill

1:30pm                   Awards under the tent

2 – 5pm                   Live Band (Six Foot Apart Band – Lower Deck)

3pm                        Downhill Dummy Race (Old Main)

6-9pm                    Live Music (Anton Flint – Shawmut Grille)

Participate in the scavenger hunt throughout the day and be entered to win the grand prize if you finish!
Pre-register online for the mini-rail jam by clicking below and filling out the registration form online. 

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                      Saturday, March 6th, 2021

All dummies must be registered by 2:00PM on Saturday, March 6th for the Dummy Downhill race. Registration is in the guest services office. Dummies will be inspected, weighed and measured before the event. The race will begin promptly at 3:00PM.


  • All Downhill Dummies must be mounted to either 1 snowboard or 2 skis. 
  • For safety reasons, metal bracing or metal weights may not be used in dummies. 
  • Acceptable construction materials include wood, plastic, wire, tape, foam, rubber, vinyl, cardboard or plastic tubing. 
  • Weight and ballast can be provided with sand or other non-hazardous materials. 
  • Dummies must be at least 30 inches tall. 
  • Dummies may not be living or breathing. 
  • Smoke effects are acceptable but nothing that can catch fire. 
  • After the race, it is the responsibility of the owner to remove and dispose of their dummy. 
  • Cannot be over 30 lbs.