Swain COVID-19 Plan

Our top priority at Swain is the health and safety of our staff and our guests. We are committed to proper sanitation and cleanliness for the safety of everyone.

Swain has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing a strict standard of cleanliness and customer service across the resort for the upcoming season.  These standards are designed to minimize risk and enhance safety for our guests and employees and include additional cleaning and sanitizing across the resort, as well as increased monitoring by Swain staff to ensure proper protocol is followed.

Please review our updated re-opening plan so you can be fully prepared for your upcoming visit to our resort.

**If any of our guests fail to follow these set guidelines, they will be reminded of the duty to comply, as stated in our updated terms and conditions for 2020-21. If the issue persists, guests can be asked to leave the premises or have their non-refundable passes revoked by Swain staff. In extreme cases, law enforcement can be summoned.**


Entering and exiting the lodge will now be done in a one-way direction. We ask the guests following signage indicating entrance and exit doors to avoid crowding in doorways.

Hand sanitizer is available throughout the property – including at entrances, exits and in high-traffic areas. Disinfectant will also be provided near the trash receptacles for self service and to use at the tables.

Tables are to be used for food and drink ONLY. There will be no hats, boots, coats or other personal belongings allowed on top of or near tables in the lodge. Any personal belongings left unattended will taken to guest services by security and can be retrieved there. There will be a $25 return fee. Day lockers are available for $9/day in guest services and boot lockers are available in the rental shop for $.50. If you would like to rent a seasonal locker, call 607.545.6511 and ask about seasonal locker rentals. Quantities are limited.

Sitting will also only be permitted at the tables and on the provided couches. Sitting on the floor of the lodge will not be permitted due to social distancing requirements. Tables have been spaced six feet apart with a limit of 10 people per table. We have also allowed for additional seating capacity in our race rooms and other areas of the lodge to keep at 50% capacity. We encourage guests to stay with their own party whenever possible.

Masks must be worn while in the lodge, except while eating. Signage has been installed to remind our guests and staff to maintain a six foot distance from others while in line and while moving about the building.


In public spaces and restrooms, Swain has deployed a rigorous cleaning regimen, using CDC-approved cleaning products and increasing the frequency of cleanings around the resort.

Individual sanitizers are also available at each stall to provide additional disinfectant. Signage has been installed to remind our guests and staff to take additional precautions. Masks will be required when using the restroom facilities.


Swain staff will be disinfecting day lockers and boot lockers after each use. If you do not have a locker, we encourage our guests to leave personal belongings in vehicles to limit the risk of exposure to you and others.

Guest Services

For now, all interaction with guest services and ticket sales will take place through our ticket windows to provide a safety barrier.  Sanitizer stations will be available at all ticket windows. Signage has been installed to encourage six feet of spacing between guests.

To further promote distancing we will offer online ticket sales. Those who purchase their lift passes 24 hours in advance online will save $5 on their ticket price.

We will not be taking pictures for season passes this year. Please send an updated picture to photos@swain.com by Nov. 1, 2020 for your season pass. Adults who had a pass last season do not need to update their photo. Only new passholders and children under 18 will need to provide an updated or new picture.

Rental Shop

The rental shop has had additional sanitized stations added, as well as extra rental kiosks, to minimize crowding in the front of the shop. There will also be additional staffing for returns and rentals to manage flow and reduce unnecessary crowding. The capacity inside the rental shop will be reduced by 25% to ensure social distancing.

Equipment is wiped down with CDC approved disinfectants after each use. Personal belongings will need to be stowed in lockers to reduce any risk of contamination. Hats will be worn underneath helmets to prevent any contamination.

Season long leases are available for anyone who would prefer to keep the same equipment. There is a limited quantity available. Call 607.545.6511 for more information and to reserve your equipment.

Lesson Protocol

We understand how important our lesson packages are to our guests and feel strongly about continuing to offer this service so that more people can continue to explore the sport that we all love so much. However, to mitigate risks and keep both guests and instructors safe, we will be reducing lesson group sizes. Hand sanitizer will be required before the start of each lesson. Masks will also be required for both participants and instructors. Staff will be identifiable by both their jackets and name badges with photos.

We will also be limiting capacity on the magic carpet and beginner areas. Instructors, like all employees, will be carefully screened for any signs of illness and sent home if they are presumed to be ill.


All employees must wear masks or face coverings as directed by law.

Employees of the resort are screened daily for COVID-19 symptoms. If an employee does not pass the screening, they are sent home and monitored. If employees are feeling ill, they are instructed to stay home.

We will continue mandatory training on COVID-19 awareness and train our staff on proper health etiquette, social distancing and personal hygiene.  Staff are trained in workplace behavior, sanitation, social distancing and hygiene protocols.  Every department has a protocol they must follow.

The Shop

The Shop at Swain will continue to provide retail products at great prices to our guests. The capacity allowed inside the store will be reduced by 25%.

Sanitizing stations have been placed at the entrance and signage has also been installed to remind guests to maintain spacing from others. We also encourage guests to look at products but only touch what they intend to purchase.

Hats and gloves will be worn when trying on helmets and gloves. All boots will be sanitized after trying on. Coats and snowpants may be tried on as they will be sanitized/quarantined after. We ask that our guests do not try on t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants.

The Shop will continue to receive thorough cleaning procedures throughout the day, especially in high touch areas – light switches, counters, cash registers, etc.


All Swain lodging areas are being disinfected and sanitized before and after your stay with CDC approved disinfectants.

Cleanings between guest stays will involve an enhanced cleaning protocol, with extra caution taken for high-touch items like television remote controls, door handles, light switches, chairs, faucets and lamps.

Season Pass Assurance

If Swain Resort is forced to close early for the season due to COVID-19 prior to January 15, the full value of any season pass or select-a-night pass will be transferred to the 2021-22 season as an account credit to the passholder. A season closure due to COVID-19 between January 16 and February 28 will result in a 50% credit.