Race Department COVID-19 Plan

Our top priority at Swain is the health and safety of our staff and our guests. We are committed to proper sanitation and cleanliness for the safety of everyone. For our race teams and student racers, this commitment is even more pressing. 

Swain has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing a strict standard of cleanliness and customer service across the resort for the upcoming season.  For a more detailed plan, please click here.

Below we have detailed our plans related specifically to racing to keep our students, coaches and staff safe and healthy throughout the season, so that we may continue to promote and participate in the great sport of ski racing.

Signing in/Health Screening

State mandate requires that all guests sign in each time they enter resort property. Guests must provide their full name, address, and phone number for use in contact tracing efforts. We will have paper and digital options available for this purpose. Teams may require each coach and student to do this individually on arrival, or they may provide us with a roster prior to arrival to save time and effort.

In addition, each racer, coach, employee or volunteer must complete and pass a health screening prior to or on arrival.


We have decreased total occupancy for the lodge by 50% and resort by a minimum of 25% to ensure proper distancing and spacing around the lodge, dining areas, race building and on the lifts. In addition, we have provided more opportunities to pre-purchase products, check in remotely, and have employed additional staff to assist in high traffic areas to prevent unnecessary crowding and help with traffic flow. 

This 50% capacity limit also applies to the race room and building (excluding employees.) Racers will be asked to enter the race room only briefly, and then to exit as soon as possible. Social distancing and other precautionary measures (outlined below) will be practiced at all times.

Chairlift occupancy will be two persons to a chair, one at each end, unless the skiers are of the same party/household/family.

Social Distancing

Racers, coaches, and volunteers must be six feet apart at all times, unless safety or the core activity requires a shorter distance (e.g., assisting a downed skier,) except for members of the same immediate party/household/family. Team meetings and coaching de-briefs will be held outside in an open area. Spectators will not be allowed in the race room or on the race deck. Swain will abide by Section V’s determination as to whether spectators will be allowed onsite to view the race.


Signage has been placed throughout the resort to remind guests and club members to remain six feet apart from one another. Signs have also been installed to indicate separate entrances and exits, as well as in high traffic areas to remind guests and staff that masks are required. Bi-directional foot traffic will be discouraged in the race building and there will be a separate entrance and exit door.


Racers, coaches, staff and all other guests will be required to wear masks both inside and outside except when seated in a designated eating area or are actively engaged in skiing.

Personal Belongings/Food

Guests and club members will no longer be permitted to leave personal belongings and shoes unattended in the lodge and/or the race building. Teams will be encouraged to provide bins for student belongings to be stored on buses or in personal vehicles, if lockers are not being utilized. Lockers are available for rent in the race room and in the main lodge.

Coaches/Advisors may provide their racers with individually bottled beverages and single-use food items in a dedicated area. Only one racer may be present in the space (at the food table) at any given time, and any players waiting in line must maintain six feet of distance from one another. Hand hygiene before and after accessing the food table for any reason is required.


Swain has provided sanitization stations at all high traffic areas. Sanitizing will be required on a regular basis in shared areas. Coaching staff will also be sanitizing, as should racers, before practices or events begin.

High touch areas will also be sanitized after each use. This includes pens, computer mouses, keyboards, printers, doorknobs and benches. The race building itself will be rigorously sanitized at least twice a day when in use.

Medical Treatment

Individual coaches, Swain staff and/or Swain Ski Patrol may provide medical treatment as appropriate, while ensuring appropriate PPE is used by such staff members for level of medical treatment provided, and while minimizing physical contact to the greatest extent possible. (See Swain Ski Patrol COVID Policy for more detailed information.)

This plan is by no means exhaustive and Swain will continue to monitor the COVID situation, making adjustments to our plan as necessary. We look forward to seeing you all back here for the 2020-21 season. Stay safe.